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Tack Trunk FAQ
Tack Trunk FAQ

What is included in basic price of a vinyl trunk?
A main color on three sides of the trunk, border, and three charter monograms. The trunk comes with 3 coats of clear marine varnish on the inside. It will come in chrome or brass trim. It has spring loaded handles and a hasp (so you can attach a pad lock). Chrome trim trunks come standard with a stainless steel lid. Brass trim trunks come with vinyl top with a border.

How do I order a trunk?
1st Pick a size – Small, Medium, Large.

2nd Then pick chrome or brass trim.

3rd Choose a main color.

4th Choose a border color and border style. #1 Notched, #2 Chris Cross, #3 Sunburst, #4 Rectangle. Note: if you click on pictures to the side they will enlarge.

Important Note: If you are using dark colors for your main color and border color you will want to use piping on the monogram/ lettering and border so they show up. To choose Piping go to tack trunk extras after finishing the trunk portion of the order. You will want to pipe the border and Monogram.

5th Choose a monogram style #5 Diamond configurations, #6 Standards, #7 Diamond configurations with darts, #8 Circle configurations. Special Note: outlines and darts count as extra characters.

6th Choose Monogram font and color (can be different from border color).Your choices are gothic, roman, script, and old english. Most people opt for gothic and roman. If they are getting the #5, #7 or #8 the font conforms to shape.

What letters do I use for my Monogram?
For monograms you want to use the first letter of your first name, then the first letter of your last name, and finally the first letter of your middle name.
ie. Jane Isabelle Smith = JSI

7th Choose a bumper color. This is the wood that goes around the bottom of the trunk. It can be painted to match the main color or you can have it stained in Walnut or cherry stain. Both options are included in price.

Can I have a name instead of monogram or custom logo?
YES for extra charters, Piping, and additions you will want to go to Trunk Extras. Custom Logo’s you will want to send via email or mail a artist proof with colors to Kelly’s Tack Shop and we will give you a quote.

Do you offer caster wheels, cork board with mirrors, felt, and cedar lining?
Yes you can find these options under Trunk Extras.

Can I add vinyl top or vinyl back?
Yes go to Trunk Options.

IF in doubt just call or email me questions- I do this all day and will take really good care of you and your order.

How long does it usually take?
Phoenix West are made in the USA and ships out of California. Once the order is placed it takes about 6-8 weeks to ship. Sorry No rush orders. Order early for the Holidays!

How does the order ship?
Small and medium trunks ship via UPS and Large trunks ship via Freight truck.

Do I need to be there when the large trunk arrives?
Yes. When the trunk arrives you will want to open the crate and inspect the trunk BEFORE the driver leaves. If there is any damage to the trunk a form must be filled out with the driver.

Does the price of the trunk include shipping?
No shipping is quoted too and all we need for a quote is your city and zip code.

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes. You are responsible for any taxes on your end and shipping is more expensive.

Is their Sales Tax?
Only if you’re billing address is in the Great state of Florida. Then the sales tax of 7.5% will be added to your order.

Do I need a trunk Stand?
We say YES on every trunk order. It is packed inside the trunk and cost no more shipping to get it with the trunk. Separately, it is about $40 to ship. It is black coated metal and will keep the trunk off the floor and which will help it stay dry.

I bought a Phoenix West trunk from another person at the barn can I have new panels made that have my monogram on it?
YES. Go to Trunk Extras and replacement Panels.

How hard is it to replace the panels?
EASY. Remove the existing trim, peal off the old panels. Then the new panels will have a sticky backing and apply them, smooth them on, then add the new trim that came with the new panels with the nails provided.

Trunks starting at
$ 618.00

Trunk Size:

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