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Review of Stirrup Irons by Kelly
Proper Fitting Irons

First off you need to have your riding boots on. Put a stirrup iron on the floor you want to position your foot in the iron at the ball of your foot. Then move your foot to the side of the iron so that the inside of your foot is against the post of the iron. You want to have at about a ½” from the outside of your foot to the other post of the iron. Irons are measured from inside to inside.

General rule of thumb is kids usually use a 4”
Ladies usually use a 4 ¼” to 4 ½”
Men are 4 3/4” to 5”


Stainless Fillis Irons
A classic look with white rubber pads. The pads are removable and I suggest replacing them yearly. You can clean your irons with soap and water and a little elbow grease. Never dull works well as well.

Flexible Irons
Originally only high end companies like Herm Springer came out with the flexible irons. Now many makers are making them affordable. Basically they have a rubber covered joints that help the stainless steel irons flex when downward pressure is applied through a rider’s ankle. I really like these irons. They are helpful for people with sore ankles or knees. They allow you not to get hung up as easy, offer ankle and knee relief, and help in getting those heals down. Note: Because of the rubber sides always go up a size.

Peacock Safety Irons
Used for children learning to ride. They are designed with safety in mind. They feature a rubber band and leather strap to release the foot in the event of a fall.

Stirrup Pads:
All Irons these days have removable pads. You can exchange a regular pad for black ones, white ones, ones with grit, and stainless cheese grater pads for extra grip. I’m not an Eventer, but I can imagine riding in wet conditions the metal cheese grater pads become very useful. Always clean out the tread of the pads and replace as you see wear on the tread.

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