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Myler Bits & Myler Spurs : Myler Western 5 Inch HBT

HBT MB47 ported Barrel 89-20475
Stainless HBT Shank, Sweet Iron, Copper Inlay, Ported Barrel, Correctional Shaffle (MB 47PB)

Stainless Steel 5" HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Correctional Ported Barrel (MB 47PB, Level 2-3) Copper Inlay Mouth 5" This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.

Great for independent side movement and reward the horse with a comfort zone. Good bit for collection and stopping. Good for horses which run through the bit and those which drop a shoulder.

5" Mouth

IN Stock

$ 127.95

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